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Story of Suarez

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Luis Suarez, born on 24 January 1987, a professional football player who plays for Barcelona FC, every footballer knows him, he is one of the best strikers. But what most of them don’t know is how he became a world-renowned striker of Barcelona.

Born into a broken family with his parents always fighting and 7 other siblings to look after, growing up never came easy to Suarez. Which led him to move to the capital city of Montevideo at the age of seven, however, his mother always supported him in whatever he wanted. At that time, he used to play football on the streets with his friends, and it was then that he developed the interest in the game. Her mother saw his interest and made him join the club Uretta, where he was discovered by the Nacional scout team and was recruited by Wilson Pirez.

By the age of 12, his father left him and that had a huge impact on him, he started drinking and got under bad influence. After being recruited in the Nacional youth team, Suarez was overwhelmed and hence he never played the game seriously. His coach threatened him to kick out of the team and told him to take his career seriously. He was always known to be fickle-minded and short-tempered and that proved to be his biggest weakness in the game. His aggressive nature during the game fetched him far too many red cards.

At the age of 15, he met his future wife Sofia Bibi. She was the one who helped him shape his life positively and give a new meaning to his life.

After that, Groningen recognised his talent and offered a good amount of money to the Nacional camp to recruit Suarez, which also meant moving to Europe for the same.

However, life did not go easy on him even after joining Groningen as he had to struggle a lot there due to language barrier (as he did not understand either of the languages Dutch or English). But he didn’t give up, his constant efforts to learn the Dutch language made him earn respect from other teammates.

While life was throwing various curveballs to Luis it was also providing him with the opportunities to prove himself, during this period another fellow team recognized the talent that Suarez had and Ajax was determined to have Luis as a player and hence they paid an even higher amount to the Groningen committee to have him as a player. Luis signed a contract with Ajax for 5 years. At the age of 20, he moved to Ajax.

During these 5 years, he went on to earn a lot of fame and prosperity. It was during this time that his career took a rise, he received various awards for his performance in various matches. By now he had become a famous and good football player and hence after finishing his contract with Ajax he then signed a contract with Liverpool for five and a half years.

He also came under scrutiny and it was believed that he was involved in a racial abuse case wherein he was believed to have racially abused Patric Evra, a player from Manchester United, and as a result of this he was fined with 40000 euros.

He was always in a fight with himself, to be good be it in the field or off the field. Once he was also approached by Arsenal, but Liverpool refused the offer.

In 2014 Luis left Liverpool and signed a contract with Barcelona where he was given the number 9 jersey. After this, he scored many goals for the teams and sworn them towards victory. Till date, Suarez is playing for Barcelona and has been the most famous and world renown names in football history up till now.

We know that he is not perfect, but after knowing what he went through in his childhood, we can understand where his bad behaviour comes from. From being broke to father leaving, falling into bad influence to becoming the world-renowned player Suarez had an awe-stricken and inspiring journey that motivated everybody to chase their dreams and work for them.
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